Double happy

I had an awesome weekend last weekend! My mum and dad took me for a long walk in the countryside and I got to swim in the river!! The water was really cold so I went in gently instead of jumping in (I’m a bit of a wuss ;-)) But the most important thing is I had a blast!!

Not only am I super content because of my wicked trip, I’m also over the moon because of the following good news:

My amigo Drak finally got adopted!!! A few weeks ago a family visited the shelter and out of all the dogs, they liked Drak the most. They decided to give him an opportunity and they took him home. The period of adaption went great and the adoption was formalized. Yesterday we got some pictures of Drak enjoying the good life. His adoptive family say that they couldn’t have wished for a sweeter dog and that he doesn’t leave their sight for a second.

So also for Drak his story has a happy ending after all!


Best buddies

Who would have thought that I would become best buddies with Bull 🙂 When I met him I thought he was annoying, but now he’s my partner in crime and we love sneaking out off the fence and going on adventures together 🙂 But my mommy already told me that she’s looking for a family who wants to adopt him, so I should be prepared that one day he will leave us. Although it makes me sad to see him go, I’m very curious and excited by the idea that we will have get a new housemate when Bull leaves. Another dog which needs some special care and attention will take his place, so we can all  do our best to  socialise him/her and make sure that they will find a loving family. But for now Bull and I are rocking the place!!!

Lots of love,

Aros and Bull

PS We still need money to pay for Bull’s medical expenses. Please use the following link to go to Bull’s crowdfunding event







Today I want to share the incredible (and sad!!) story of my buddy Negre with you.

Negre came into the shelter 2 months ago and his story is absolute heartbreaking.

He was found in an abandoned house by some children that were playing. He had no food nor water, was tied up on a very short leash unable to move and therefor on top of his own feaces and urine. The children that found him, took him food and water whenever they could and warned their parents about the situation. One day one of the parents “stole” Negre and took him to the shelter.

There’s no doubt that Negre was a victim of animal abuse and used for dog fighting. The neighbourhood he was found in, is infamous for organising illegal dog fights. Needless to say, it’s a horrible practise and many dogs become victims. The fighting dogs are trained using “normal” dogs. Negre is a BIG dog (crossbreed Terra Nova and weighs over 30 kg) and makes a perfect sparring partner for a fighting dog in training.

When Negre came into the shelter, the owner was worried that he would show aggressive behaviour due to his traumatic past, and she was not sure in which cage to place him, afraid he would attack the other dogs. But when he was taken his cage and introduced to his new roommates, he was very sweet with them and behaved perfectly! Immediately he wanted to play with his new buddies and have fun with them! 🙂

In fact: Negre is one of the few dogs that is HAPPY to be in the shelter! He doesn’t stop jumping around and wagging his tail! It’s like he knows that the shelter is a safe place for him and nobody will ever mistreat or hurt him. His days being hungry, thirsty, scared, hurt and lonely are over!!!

Even though Negre is pretty happy in the shelter, it would be awesome if somebody would adopt him and give him a warm house with his own bed and lots of cuddles. Let’s hope this day will come soon cause this dog has definitely suffered ENOUGH.

Take care,

Aros (and Negre)


warm, warmer….HOT

It feels like summer has begun cause it’s really hot here in Spain. Today it was 39° C and tomorrow 40° C (!!!!) My mommy bought as a swimming pool so we can cool down, but we don’t use it too much cause we prefer jumping in the river when we go for our daily walks.

My heart goes out to all my fellow canine friends that are still in the shelter 😦 With such high temperatures they are suffering a lot and are not as lucky as I am to swim in the river every day. Still hope for all of them that they will one day know what it’s like to live a life outside of the shelter.

Oh..before I  forget: my mommy has created a crowd funding event to raise money for all the medical costs the shelter has to pay for my buddy Bull. Bull is still staying with us and taking medication to cure him completely from all the illnesses he has suffered. Below is the link to the website, so please check it out and send it around 🙂

Thanks a lot everybody and will write again soon!

Best regards,



Update Bull’s surgery


As promised an update on Bull’s Rectal Prolapse surgery.

The surgery went great and without any complications at all. In fact, it turned out to be a double surgery, because the vet took the opportunity with Bull being sedated, to also perform a castration.

After surgery Bull woke up and pretty soon he was already up and about. The vet told my mommy that he was doing so well that he didn’t have to stay at the vet’s overnight and that she could take him home the very same day.

So Bull’s back with us and he’s doing very well and is as active as always. In 6 days he will have his stiches removed and until then he has to wear a plastic hood over his head  so he can’t lick his wounds. He looks very silly, like a lamp, but it’s for his own good.

When Bull is completely recovered from everything, the process of finding him a adoptive family will start. Let’s hope he will be as lucky as I was 😉

Aros (and Bull)