Today I’ll share the incredible story of Bull with you.

Bull is a male dog of about 1,5 years old and (like most of my amigos in the shelter) was found wondering the streets. He was caught and taken to the shelter. After a few days it became clear nobody was looking for him and so he became the latest addition to the big family of abandoned dogs.

It was clear from the beginning that Bull was not a healthy dog. He suffers from a Rectal prolapse* which in short means that part of his rectum comes out of his butt. It’s not a painful condition, more than anything it’s just very annoying.

This medical condition can only be cured through surgery, but this obviously requires money which the shelter doesn’t have. Therefor a fundraising event was created to collect money to pay for this operation thanks to many good Samaritans the money needed was raised!!!


An appointment was made with the vet to plan the surgery, but unfortunately Bull was diagnosed with Ehrlichia**, which meant that he had to be treated with medication until he was better again and strong enough to undergo surgery.

So everything was postponed one month in order for Bull to finish his antibiotic treatment.

After one month he went back to the vet, but his blood test revealed he still suffered from anaemia, probably the result of an uncured Ehrlichia.

My mommy and daddy then decided it was time to take action to take him back home with them in order to take care of him and make sure he would be 100% cured so he could finally get his well-deserved surgery.

For me this meant I got a temporarily foster brother and my mommy and daddy weren’t sure if I would accept him (in the past I’ve been known to react aggressive towards other dogs)

Although I was a bit sceptical of Bull at first, I’ve no problem with him staying with us until he recovers from his illness and his surgery. He’s a sweet dog and I feel sorry for all the bad luck he’s already had in his young life. And I don’t have to worry about getting ill myself, because our mommy makes sure we all get treated against ticks, so there’s no chance of transmitting the Ehrlichia.

So at the moment I’m taking care of Bull and showing him how a good dog should behave. Because he’s still young, he looks up to me and when we go for walks, he follows me around all the time……a bit tiring, but I can’t blame him 😉

Tomorrow is a very important day cause Bull has an appointment with the vet and if everything goes well he will be operated.

I’ll keep you posted how things turn out tomorrow!

Big lick from us

Aros and Bul

* Rectal prolapse is a condition in which the rectum (the last part of the large intestine before it exits the anus) loses its normal attachments inside the body, allowing it to telescope out through the anus, thereby turning it “inside out”.  While this may be uncomfortable, it rarely results in an emergent medical problem.  However, it can be quite embarrassing and often has a significant negative impact on patients’ quality of life.

 ** Ehrlichia is a disease caused by a parasite called “Ehrlichia Canis” which is transferred through ticks. This parasite is commonly transferred via the “Brown Dog” tick, a species that very common in a country like Spain, but for example does not exist in other European countries. The symptoms of this disease are: high fever, lethargy, decrease in appetite, vomiting and anaemia.


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