Best buddies

Who would have thought that I would become best buddies with Bull ūüôā When I met him I thought he was annoying, but now he’s my partner in crime and we love sneaking out off the fence and going on adventures together ūüôā But my mommy already told me¬†that¬†she’s looking for a family who wants to¬†adopt him, so¬†I should be prepared that one day he will leave us.¬†Although it makes me sad to see him go, I’m very curious and excited by the idea that we will have¬†get a new¬†housemate when Bull leaves. Another dog which needs some special care and attention will take his¬†place, so we¬†can all¬† do our best to¬† socialise him/her and make sure that they will find a loving family.¬†But for now Bull and I are rocking the place!!!

Lots of love,

Aros and Bull

PS We still need money to pay for Bull’s medical expenses. Please use the following link to go to Bull’s crowdfunding event