About me

So my name is Aros and I’m a male dog of approximately 2 years old. I’m a cross between (at least what people suspect, cause my background is completely unknow) a Spanish Mastiff and a Border Collie.

The story of my life has a very tragic beginning:

In august 2015 I was found tied to the gate of a dog shelter. The lady running the shelter found  me there early in the morning, tied up and very scared and frightened.

She took me under her care and gave me food, shelter, a bed and a name….Aros. And there began a new chapter in my life with a new home which I had to share with many, MANY other dogs.

The shelter I lived at houses about 200 dogs; all looking for a family and hoping that one day they will get out. After 7 months of waiting and hoping for a miracle, I finally got lucky!! One of the volunteers had fallen in love with me and she and her boyfriend adopted me and took me home!!

I now have a mummy and daddy who love me, take care of me and give me all the cuddles and kisses I could ever wish for!!

So you see, my sad story has a very happy ending. And this is what I wish and hope for for all my friends I’ve left behind in the shelter.

Who knows, maybe their story will have a happy ending too…..I believe miracles can happen!

With love,

(a very spoiled) Aros