This is the story of Ceguets.

He came into the shelter as a pup in august 2016, together with his brother: both had been the victim of animal abuse.

They were brought in with hypothermia, because they had been thrown into a canal. Fortunately, they were spotted by a farmer who got them out of the water and took them to the shelter. It was close, but both dogs survived the horrible ordeal.

It turned out that that one of them was completely blind and was named Ceguets (which means “blind” in Catalan)

Ceguets’ brother was adopted quickly, but he unfortunately remains in the shelter. There are not many people out there who are willing to take a chance adopting a blind dog.

So Ceguets is still waiting for a special family that is willing to give him a chance. I’m keeping my paws crossed for this special fellow.

With love,

Aros (and Ceguets)