As I mentioned, in my blog I want to capture some of the stories of my amigos from the shelter.

I’m starting with the story of Lola.

Her story starts the 27th July 2016. That day a female pup of about 3 months old was found in one of the cages. The poor dog was crying and completely shaken and scared. The strange thing was she had never entered the shelter and nobody knew her. Where on earth did this dog come from????????

In order to solve this mystery, the owner of the shelter looked at the footage of the surveillance cameras and what she saw send a cold chill down her spine: the puppy had literally been THROWN over the wall!! On the video she could clearly see a woman walking up to the wall surrounding the shelter, holding a puppy in her arms. When she got to the wall, she lifted the dog up and just tossed her over.  It was almost as if she was throwing away a piece of garbage.

The next day the owner wrote a message on Facebook threatening to expose the lady if she didn’t come forward. On the footage the license plate of the car the suspect drove, was clearly visible and the owner wanted to take this evidence to the police. Surprisingly the accused lady got in touch and explained her side of the story. She claimed she found this pup on the streets and thought she was doing the right thing by taking it to the shelter. When she got there and it was closed, she simply did what any normal person would (NOT!!) do: throw a small, vulnerable, defenceless pup over a 3 meter wall. Not once did she think about ringing the shelter asking for its opening hours, taking the pup home for the time being or even worse: about the consequences of the impact of a 3 meter drop on the delicate body of a puppy!! In the end charges of animal abuse were never pressed, although some of us do not agree with this decision and would never let a person get away with such a horrible thing.

In the meantime the dog was given the name Lola and nowadays still lives in the shelter. She remains a very shy and scared dog and spends the whole dog hiding in a plastic house that stands in the corner of her cage. Not only is she scared of humans, she’s also very submissive towards the other dogs in her cage. She hides away all day and only comes out when it’s feeding time.

But when she’s taken for a walk, things change! You can see a sparkle in her eyes and she lights up and comes out of her shell. She gets so excited she doesn’t know where to go! All she wants to do is jump and run!! There’s no time for peeing or pooping, she wants to enjoy every single second. And she’s always grateful for being taken for a walk, even if it’s only once a week or (unfortunately) even less 😦

Lola desperately needs a home where she can learn to trust people again and where she can go for walks and enjoy life to the fullest. She’s not asking for a lot, just somebody who dedecates some time and attention to her.

Please help her: she deserves a second chance.

With love,

Aros (and Lola)