I should have written something sooner, but things are a bit hectic over here.

Since a couple of weeks we’re having a new guest staying with us: his name is Hope. I have seen many things during my stay in the shelter, but I have NEVER seen a dog in such a bad state as Hope.

To give you an idea, here are some pictures of what Hope looked like a few weeks ago.


You probably think that Hope was found on the street or taken from his owner because he was being neglected. The truth is shocking and unbelievable:

Hope was left to die, whilst he was inside the facilities and under the care and supervision of the local animal shelter!!!!!!

In Spain there are many animal shelters that are NGO’s and that depend on donations and get no funding whatsoever. This is the case of the shelter where I was living at.  But on the other hand, there are the animals shelters that are run by the local government and paid for by the tax payers money. This is because by law, every city has the OBLIGATION to collect, house and take care of stray animals. These shelters have money, employees, good facilities and collaborate with veterinarians that are paid to take care of the wellbeing of all the animals that live in the shelter.

HOWEVER, this is Spain and in Spain things don’t always work the way they should. When my mum met Hope he was wasting away in his cage, unable to walk, emaciated and covered in injuries. He had been “treated” by the vet and the vet said that there was nothing more they could do for him. And because in Catalonia it’s illegal to put down animals, Hope was left to rot inside his cell and die a slow, horrible death (excuse the harsh words, but there’s no other way to describe what was done to him)

My mum begged and pleaded with the workers from the shelter if she could take him home with her, but the answer was no. Hope is what they in Spain call a “PPP”, which stand for “Possible Dangerous Dog” and because my mum did not have a license for such breed of dogs, she was not allowed to take him with her. But after many discussions and endless begging she finally got the green light to take Hope out of the shelter and to take him home, where he could be taken care of properly and where he was given all the medical care, attention and LOVE that he desperately needed.

To make a long story short: Hope in the end was diagnosed with Toxoplasmosis, which is a disease that is very easy to treat (and should have been detected by the shelter’s vet!!) He has made a miraculous recovery, although he has some scars on his legs that will never heal. Also he is left with a slight balance issue, which could have to do with the untreated Toxoplasmosis. But all in all, he is a happy healthy dog now and he is trying to forget the nightmare he lived whilst being in the shelter.

With love,

Aros (and Hope)




Can I have some attention please!?

I should have been called “Shadow” instead of Aros, cause I’ll stick to you like superglue. I won’t leave your site for a single moment and if I get the chance I’ll sit as close to you (or on you) as possible.


Today my human mum and dad wanted to enjoy the start of sunny spring, by relaxing a bit in the garden. But not on my watch! They should know better by now then to ignore me!



R.I.P. Cesar

Dear all,

it’s been a while since I last wrote to you and I truly apologise.

I assume you have all started this new year with positive energy and with the intention to make this year special; filled with lots of happy moments.

I also wanted to start the new year with good vibes only, but things turned out differently. Today one of my special friends (whom I shared a cage with in the shelter) has died.


Cesar and I met about 2 years ago when we became room mates. He was older than me (about 8 years older) and was found wondering the streets alone. When he was caught and brought to the shelter, it turned out that he had a chip identification, but unfortunately the phone number linked to this chip didn’t match 😦 Everybody was hoping that the owner(s) would show up eventually looking for their beloved dog.  But days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years and nobody ever came. So when I was adopted, I said my goodbye’s to Cesar and wished him the best of luck. But luck wasn’t on his side. A few weeks ago, he started to loose hair and when he was taken to the vet, he was diagnosed with Leishmania and heartworm. He was put into quarantaine and treated with medication. When he seemed to get a bit better, he relapsed and today he passed away.

Dear Cesar, I will always remember you and will cherish the time we shared together.



With love,


Double happy

I had an awesome weekend last weekend! My mum and dad took me for a long walk in the countryside and I got to swim in the river!! The water was really cold so I went in gently instead of jumping in (I’m a bit of a wuss ;-)) But the most important thing is I had a blast!!

Not only am I super content because of my wicked trip, I’m also over the moon because of the following good news:

My amigo Drak finally got adopted!!! A few weeks ago a family visited the shelter and out of all the dogs, they liked Drak the most. They decided to give him an opportunity and they took him home. The period of adaptation went great and the adoption was formalized. Yesterday we got some pictures of Drak enjoying the good life. His adoptive family say that they couldn’t have wished for a sweeter dog and that he doesn’t leave their sight for a second.

So also for Drak his story has a happy ending after all!

Best buddies

Who would have thought that I would become best buddies with Bull 🙂 When I met him I thought he was annoying, but now he’s my partner in crime and we love sneaking out off the fence and going on adventures together 🙂 But my mommy already told me that she’s looking for a family who wants to adopt him, so I should be prepared that one day he will leave us. Although it makes me sad to see him go, I’m very curious and excited by the idea that we will have get a new housemate when Bull leaves. Another dog which needs some special care and attention will take his place, so we can all  do our best to  socialise him/her and make sure that they will find a loving family. But for now Bull and I are rocking the place!!!

Lots of love,

Aros and Bull

PS We still need money to pay for Bull’s medical expenses. Please use the following link to go to Bull’s crowdfunding event https://www.migranodearena.org/es/mis-retos/